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Narutos Xmas MySlot Theme

Narutos Xmas MySlot Theme
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The Narutos Xmas theme for MySlots was the very first MySlot theme I made!
Since MySlot was released during early December 2008, i wanted to make a MySlot theme that had something to do with christmas.

I started my "brainstorm" by using the google video search with a term as wide as "christmas".
The images shown on the results page were far from what i was counting on, -they were much better.

One of the first images on the result list was a Naruto Manga Fan Art image called christmas.
The image, - show as the first above this article section, shows Hinata, Ino and Sakura from the popular manga series dressed up for an adult christmas!

Let's get one thing straight right away, - i'm crazy with the Naruta manga.
Allthough most people my age stopped reading comics almost a lifetime ago, - i seam to be unable to let this one go!

I wanted i shape the theme somewhat around this fan art image and decided that the three top paying slot machine symbols should be setup with a close-up of each of the female faces from the Naruta fan art image.

I wanted to use the image with all three as either Wild or Scatter bonus symbol (i ended up using it as a Wild symbol) and keep the slot machine in a very simple red and white design.

I stumbled upon several other nice christmas images on the google result page, and ended up grabbing a crystal ball that is used as a Scatter Bonus symbol and three classic christmas images with a white background for the remaining high paying symbols.

I wanted to keep the low payout symbols with the slot machine default images: A K Q J 10 9.

Download Narutos Xmas images

Name Files Size 7 441Kb

Download as compressed ZIP file

1. Right-click on the file name:
2. Select "Save target as"
3. Chose where you want to save the zip file
4. Click "Save"

Name Files Size
myslot_narutos_xmas_theme_001.jpg 1 189.0 Kb
myslot_narutos_xmas_theme_002.jpg 1 42.2 Kb
myslot_narutos_xmas_theme_003.jpg 1 64.1 Kb
myslot_narutos_xmas_theme_004.jpg 1 104.0 Kb
myslot_narutos_xmas_theme_005.jpg 1 41.4 Kb

Download as JPEG images

1. Right-click on the image names
2. Select "Save target as"
3. Chose where you want to save the images
4. Click "Save"

Narutos Xmas slot machine videos:

Theme Creation Guide - Yahoo Video

Narutos Xmas 001 - Yahoo Video

Narutos Xmas 002 - Yahoo Video

Narutos Xmas 003 - Yahoo Video

Narutos Xmas 004 - Yahoo Video

Narutos Xmas 005 - Yahoo Video
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