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Wheel of Chance Slot Machine

Wheel of Chance

Bulls Eye Wheel of Wealth Slotmachine Screenshots
5 Reel Wheel of Chance is the worlds most popular wheel of fortune video slot machine. The game can be enjoyed by players from all over the world, including players from USA.

Wheel of Chance is a 20 payline slotmachine that feature everything most slotmachine players apreciate with a casino game.

The base game include wild multiplying symbols that make winning easier and double payouts, scatter bonus symbols that award free spins with all prizes trippled and bonus symbols that trigger the extremely popular wheel of fortune bonus feature.

The Wheel of Chance slot can pay out up to 1,500 times the total slotmachine wager with scatter bonus prizes and up to 24,000 times the selected coin size on a single payline during free spins.

The Wheel of Fortune bonus game has a unique setup that allow players to spin the wheel several times with prizes up to several houndred times the selected bet.

The slotmachine has a customizeable coin denomination that range from $0.010 to $10.00 and a total of 20 paylines for players to wager on.

This means that the slotmachine can spin for as little as $0.01 and up to $200.00 with prizes that scale based on the players bet.

Wheel of Chance is one of the slotmachines where a 20 payline setup is highly recommneded.

The slotmachine is packed with wild symbols that make it much easier to win on multiple paylines during spins and the chance to win the amazing wheel of fortune bonus feature also scale with the amount of selected paylines.

Wheel of Chance Paylines and options
If you are new to online casino slotmachines or prefer to hit the slots with your favorite lucky paylines then be sure to setup the slotmachine with the right amount of paylines before you start spinning it.

The most important thing to remember when you change the amount of active paylines is that they become available in a fixed order from the lowest to the highest.

Payline example:
If your lucky payline is number 5 you need to activate the first five paylines on the slotmachine.

How to change the amount of active paylines:
Wheel of Chance is designed like most other popular slotmachines in terms of payline selections. This means that you can click on the numbers shown on both sides of the reels to activate an amount of paylines with a single click.

Lucky Number 17
Payline activation example:

If you want to play with 17 paylines, click on number 17 on the slotmachine.

The most common way to start a slotmachine such as Wheel of chance is to click on the "BET MAX" button that is shown on the slotmachine. When you click on the "BET MAX" button, the slotmachine starts to spin with all 20 paylines active and with the selected coin denomination.
Wheel of Chance Play Setup
You can also change the amount of active paylines with the "BET ONE" button. This button will increase the amount of selected paylines by one each time clicked untill 20 paylines are active. If you click on the "BET ONE" button with 20 paylines active, the amount of active paylines will be set to 1.

Paylines 1 to 3 Paylines 4 to 6
The firs three Wheel of Chance paylines each strike thru one of the slotmachine reel rows. The first payline strike thru the middle row of the slotmachine reels, the 2nd payline strike thru the top row and the 3rd payline strike thru the bottom row.
The majorite of One Arm Bandit styled slotmachines have 1 or three paylines.
The fourth and Fifth paylines are pyramid shaped and make it possible for players to win with symbol combinations that run from one corner of the game reels to another thru the opposite middle.

The 6th payline is shaped like the letter M and zig-zag thru the middle and top rows of the slotmachine reels.
Paylines 7 to 9 Paylines 10 to 12
The 7th, 8th and 9th paylines are all similar to the 6th payline and use a zig-zag form that make it possible for players to win on symbol combinations by combining positions on two rows of the slormachine reels. The 10th, 11th and 12th paylines offer players additional 2 row winning combinations with lines that make a row jump on the 3rd position.
Paylines 1 to 3 Paylines 16 to 18
The 13th payline is the last payline that combine two slotmachine reel rows with a middle spot jump. The 14th and 15th row both allow players to win with combinations that strech thru all three rows. The 16th, 17th and 18th paylines add some semi crazy paylines to the slotmachine. The lines form paths that break out of the standard pattern with winning options that strike thru all three rows on the slotmachine reels.
Paylines 19 and 20
The 19th payline is similar to the previous three that offer a large jump thru all three rows with three positions on a single rows in one end. The 20th and last payline is one of my personal favorites with a start and end position on the first row of the slotmachine and the middle positions in the middle row.

One of the most impressive things about the Wheel of Chance slotmachine is that it is extremely easy to play and understand, - even though it is packed with free spins, wild symbols and the popular wheel of fortune bonus feature.

The gameplay is smooth and the game features are designed in a way where everything is automated or where the players options are obvious.

Wheel of Chance Special symbols

Wheel of Chance Bonus Symbols
Wheel of Chance has three symbols that affect the game more than the other symbols together, the Wheel of Chance special symbols.

Wild SymbolThe Diamond Wheel of Chance symbol is a wild joker symbol that can substitute for all of the non special symbols on the slotmachine reels.

Players can win prizes up to 8,000 times the selected coin denomination with the wild symbol alone.

The Wheel of Chance wild symbol double all wins where it substitute for non special symbols on the slotmachine paylines. has multi-paying symbols such as the ones many are familiar with from classic one arm bandits.

Scatter SymbolThe Wheel of Chance scatter symbol has two features attached, an instant bonus cash prize and a free spin bonus feature.

The instant bonus cash prize is paid each time two or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the slotmachine reels. Players win a prize based on the total slotmachine bet, - up to 500 times the bet with five scatter symbols anywhere on the slotmachine reels.

The second feature, the popular free spins are won when three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the slotmachine reels.

Each time this happens, players are granted 10 free spins on the slotmachine with all prizes trippled. The free spin feature is the key to the highest payouts with the Wheel of Chance slotmachine.

During free spins combinations with a substituting wild symbol are paid out six times the normal amount and the prizes won during the wheel of fortune bonus are trippled as well.

Bonus SymbolThe Wheel of Fortune bonus symbol is the rarest of the three wheel of chance bonus symbols. The symbol only appear on the 2nd and 4th reel and start the wheel of fortune bonus feature each time this happens.

The prizes on the wheel of fortune bonus wheel scale with the players coin denomination and the amount of paylines that run thru the two bonus symbols.

Wheel of Chance Bonus Feature

The wheel of fortune is designed with 24 prize fields that are linked in groups of 4 fields with cash values in the same range. When the wheel of fortune stops on a prize field, the amount shown on the prize field is won.

Wheel of Fortune BonusThe field and the three linked fields are then replaced with "BUST" fields on the wheel of fortune.

Players can chose after each winning spin if they want to spin the wheel of fortune again, - and risk busting, or end the wheel of fortune game and collect the current win amount.

Each winning spin result in more wins, and even more "BUST" fields on the wheel of fortune.

Mega Moolah Wheel of Fortune Minimum JackpotThe three highest prizes that players can win actually appear on a single prize field that has been divided into three smaller fields.

The prizes that can be won with the "small" wheel of fortune fields are the bonus jackpots and are worth more than the other prizes fields combined.

Many players that spin this wheel of fortune chose to do so untill one of these prizes are won, or the field with the wheel of fortune jackpots is converted into a BUST field.

When you spin this bonus wheel of fortune be sure that you think about your chances of busting compared to your chances of winning before each spin.

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