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Casual Slotmachines
Casual slot machines are generally slot machines that offer a uniue design and gameplay compared to classic and normal video slot machines.

The Casual slot machines show some of the most impressive game-designs as game developers push the limits of online gaming and release slot machines unlike anything players have seen at online casinos before.

Games such as Bejeweled, Cubis, Sweet Thing and Jewel Quest all offer players a slot machine interface with no reels and with dropping slot machine symbols.

Some of the most popular casual slot machines are the gambling versions of popular everyday timekillers such as Sudoku that millions of people play every day.

The online casino version has been designed with unique bonus features that match the logical and mathematical base of the Sudoku game.

Another popular group of casual slot machines is the one best represented by games such as Ultimate Fighters and Chinese Kitchen.

These games are played in a square gaming field with nine smaller squares that are used for the slot machine symbols.

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Bejeweled Slot Machine


Bejeweled is one of the all time most popular games, it can be played in thousands of versions on everything from instant messengers to cell phones and websites.
The introduction of Bejeweled as a Casual Slot Machine at InterCasino and Sky Vegas was one of the things that cemented the casinos top position in the online gambling industry.

The Bejeweled casual slot machine is has 10 paylines divided into 5 rows and 5 colums that are filled with jewels in different colors and shapes during each slot machine spin.
Bejeweled offer online casino players a very entertaining slot machine experience with wild jewel symbols, unique free spins features and a smashing 20,000X top prize in addition to bonus payouts for special payline combinations.

Bejeweled Casual Slot Machine - Crossing paylinesThe overall goal is to have as many identical jewels on as many paylines as possible.
The jewels offer different prizes and payout when three or more appear anywhere on a row or column.
One of the really cool things about the Bejeweled slots is that players can win on rows and columns with the same symbols during a single spin.
The Wild "Bejeweled" jewel make winning on crossing paylines even easier because it substitutes for all other symbols at the same time.

This Bejeweled slot machine screenshot show two paylines resulting in a win.
The crossing point has a wild "Bejeweled" jewel that substitute for both jewel types.

The Bejeweled slots has a quite unique "free spin" feature that is activated each time an online casino player wins on one or more paylines.
Each time one or more jewels result in a payout they are removed from the slot machine, - much like the classic Bejeweled game!

This leave empty spaces where jewels further op will fall into, - this change the jewel positions and make it possible for players to win many times during a single spin.

The "falling jewels" feature often result in really nice payouts, but the Bejeweled slots has an important rule that make the game even more fun and rewarding.

The Bejeweled slot machine is filled with new jewels each time one or more are removed because of prize payouts.

This means that new jewels that can result in new payouts are added to the slot machine each time online casino players win, - in addition to the "falling jewels" feature.

Lucky players can experience extremely long spins with amazing payouts because the slot machine has features that allow it to continue for a very long time.

Obviously luck is a factor worth mentioning here, the Bejeweled slots offer players the same high 95-98% payout as all other slot machines at Sky Vegas.

Bejeweled Casual Slot Machine This Bejeweled slot machine screenshot shows a "normal" win with 4 gems on a payline.
Each time players win with Bejeweled, the payouts are shown with large numbers on the triggering payline before the jewels that resulted in the win are removed.
The total "spin" wins are shown in a smaller area on the right side of the slot machine where jewel types, amount of jewels and wins are shown.

Bejeweled Casual Slot Machine This Bejeweled slot machine screenshot show the best 3 jewel win with three "diamonds" that result in 25X payout.
The small are on the right side of the slot machine shows the wins so far during this Beleweled slot machine spin.
As you can see this has been a quite good round. ;)

Bejeweled Casual Slot Machine This Bejeweled casual slot machine screenshot show the slot machine a few seconds after some massive wins.
The empty spaces all resulted in payouts and will be filled with new jewels again.

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