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Braveheart Slot Machine


Braveheart Slot machineBraveheart is one of the few slot machine games i have tried over the years that I truly consider a perfect game. The Braveheart slot machine has everything, - the full package, that ensure 100% entertainment and extreme prize options.

If i had to pick just one slot machine game to recommend based on the thousands of slots i have enjoyed over the years as an online gambler then Braveheart is without a doubt my pick!
Click here to play Braveheart slots now.

Braveheart Feature highlights:
  • 5 Progressive Jackpots
  • 2 Bonus Games - Kilt Lift and Free Spins with Battle Prizes and doubled wins
  • Wild symbol that double wins
  • Stacked wild symbols during all spins
While you are installing the Braveheart slot machine or waiting for that validation email then be sure to read more about the Braveheart slots game below or send this page to a friend.

Click here to download now

How to find Braveheart at the casino
Paramount Jackpot slots - Braveheart Slot MachineIf you are completely new to online casinos or just not familiar with the InterCasino software that is required to play Braveheart online then simply download the software, install it and login with the details you provided during the program installation.

Once you are in the casino lobby, select the "Jackpot Games" menu to the right, then click on "Paramount Jackpot" to find the Braveheart and Forest Gump slot machine games.

When you start the Braveheart slot machine, a new casino window will open where the game can be played. A very cool Braveheart video introduction is shown before the slot machine game is revealed. The introduction can be skipped but i really recommend that first timers check it out before playing!

Play Braveheart with a 100% bonus at InterCasino

Braveheart slots - Paylines, Bets and Jackpots

Paramount Jackpot slots - Braveheart Slot MachineThe Braveheart slot machine game has 25 paylines for players to bet and win on.

This means that you can place anywhere from a 1 to 25 bets on the slot machine every spin. Your chances of winning increase with each payline bet you place just as the cost per spin is increased as well.

By default the Braveheart slot machine will start with all 25 paylines active and a total slot machine bet of $1.25 per spin.
You can decrease or increase the bet per spin and change the number of paylines via small arrows below the slot machine reels.

Your bet per spin is extremely important with the Braveheart slot machine.
For obvious reasons, you should always put thought into your bet per spin, but with the Braveheart slots game this amount is of great importance if you aim to win one or more of the 5 Progressive Jackpots the slot machine has to offer or nice rewards with the two bonus games that can be awarded with the Braveheart slot.

Braveheart Hollywood Jackpot BonusAt release, Braveheart is one of two slot machine games that share a progressive pool called Hollywood Jackpots or Paramount Jackpots.

This basically mean that the 5 progressive jackpots shown with the Braveheart slot machine can be won by playing either the Braveheart slots or the Forest Gump slot machine that share the progressive prize pool. It also means that the progressive jackpots increase each time any of the two games are played!

The Hollywood Jackpot feature is a random jackpot feature that can trigger after any spin on the Braveheart slot machine. The chance to win the special feature scale with your total bet per spin, the more you bet the greater your chance is to win the progressive jackpot feature.

Paramount Jackpot slots - Braveheart Slot Machine
When the Braveheart slot machine start the Hollywood Jackpots progressive feature, a very nice animation is shown showering the entire gaming screen with golden sparkles.

Once the animation fade away, a small help screen is shown with information about the Hollywood Jackpots game.

The game is very easy to play, you are shown 9 fields to select from and are granted 4 selections to start with.

Braveheart Hollywood Jackpot BonusEach of the areas will reveal a Gold, Silver og Bronze movie symbol that award 10, 5 or 3 points when found.

The game has 5 levels represented by the 5 progressive jackpot prizes called:
Smash, Epic, Classic, Acclaimed, and Blockbuster.

When you start the Hollywood progressive jackpot game you are guarantied the Smash progressive prize but can win the others with lucky selections from the bonus areas.
If you managed to find 25 or more points you will reach the next level and the game will restart.
Find a total fo 100 points or more to win the Blockbuster progressive prize!

Try the Hollywood Jackpot slot machines at InterCasino now

Braveheart slots - Kilt Lift Bonus Feature

Kilt Lift Start - Braveheart Slot MachineThe Braveheart slot machine has two bonus features in addition to the progressive jackpot game.

The most frequent Braveheart bonus feature is the Kilt lift bonus that is started when a Kilt symbol appear anywhere on the three middle slot machine reels after any spin.

The Kilt symbol works both as a bonus symbol and as a normal payline symbol.

This means that you can win normal spin prizes when the symbol appear from left to right and win the bonus game when three appear on the middle reels.

Braveheart Kilt Lift Bonus

When the Braveheart Kilt Lift bonus game start, all symbols besides the three middle Kilt symbols fade away.

The three middle Kilt symbols are changed into clickable symbols that can reward players with many times the total slot machine bet when selected.

Players are granted a single selection by default but can win extra selections and all prizes as well with lucky picks.

Win all bonus - Braveheart Slot Machine
The Braveheart Kilt Lift game is very easy to play. all you have to do is to select one of the three Kilt symbols and click on it.

The best possible outcome is the "Win All" result that will reveal the prizes behind each of the three Kilt symbols and pay them all out to the player.

Another option will result in a cash prize and a "Pick again" result that will grant another selection that seam to result in cash prizes only.
Lastly just a single cash prize can be won.

Braveheart Lifted Kilts

The Braveheart Kilt Lift bonus game can result in prizes as high as 50 times the total slot machine bet.

The prizes won with the Kilt Lift feature are always based on the total slot machine bet so be sure to keep this bonus game in mind when you setup the Braveheart slot machine.

When the bonus game is completed, a winning summary is shown before the game symbols fade back to normal and the game can be played again.

Braveheart slots - Free Spin Bonus Feature

Free Games Feature - Braveheart Slot MachineThe Braveheart slot machinefree spin bonus game is one of the most entertaining free spin features you can find at online casinos.

Like most free spin features, the Braveheart free games are awarded when three scatter bonus symbols appear anywhere on the slot machine reels.

Players win a scatter bonus prize that scale with the amount of bonus symbols on the slot machine in addition to 10 free spins that are played with all prizes doubled and a very unique battle bonus feature.

Braveheart You won free games

A small cool animation is shown before the free games are played. The slot machine is transformed into a battle scene where the two opposing sides fight.

Players see a short screen that show that the bonus feature has been won and that the free games feature is about to be played.

The Braveheart free games start automatically after a few seconds and continue untill the feature is completed.

Stacked Wild Symbols - Braveheart Slot Machine
The free games bonus that can be enjoyed with the Braveheart slot machine are played with a unique battle feature based on two battle counters shown in the top corners of the slot machine.

The red and blue counters represent the amount of special bonus symbols that have appeared during the free spins.

The one you want to increase the most is the blue counter that increase each time a Braveheart wild symbol appear on the slot machine.

Braveheart Free Spin Battle Bonus

Each time this happen, a small animation is shown on top of the slot machine with blueish energies moving towards the counter as it increase by the amount of wild Braveheart symbols shown.

The free games bonus is played with stacked villain symbols in addition to stack Wild symbols making it extremely easy to win massive amounts with the two top paying symbols.

All wins are doubled and if the Braveheart wild substitute in a combination the prizes are quardoubled instead!

Braveheart Victory
When the free Braveheart games are played, the battle is settled based on the two counters.

If the blue number is largest You win the battle and with that a battle bonus prizes that can seriously boost your casino balance.

If the red side win the battle with most free games counters you still win the normal prizes from the free games feature but you will not win the extra cash prize that can reach 150 times the total slot machine bet!

Braveheart Congratulations
When the Braveheart free games feature is completed and the battle has been settled, - either as a Victory with extra cash prizes or a Defeat with normal prizes a congratulations summary screen is shown.

Here you can see the total amount won with the Braveheart slot machine feature and a split between the amount won from the battle victory and the normal free game wins.

Victory Bonus - Braveheart Slot Machine
The Braveheart free games feature is really impressive and the Battle bonus is a nifty addition that can turn even free spin rounds with low or no wins into interesting games.

The screenshot here show a completed free games feature where i won nothing during the free spins from payline combinations...

... but i managed to win the battle and could leave the feature with a nice cash prize anyway!
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