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Call of Duty 4 Slot Machine

Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare is action packed proof of the fact that slot machines have changed alot over the last few years. The game is based on the popular action game with the same name and offer a design and game-play that is bound to enthrall its players.
The game slot machine designers have created a game with features unlike anything seen before at online casinos.

The base slot setup offer players a 25 payline bonus slot machine with wild and random extra wild symbols. I encountered the first of several random extra wild features during my second spin on the slot machine and was sold right away.

The Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare slot machine is designed to add random wild symbols to the slot machine reels during play. Random wild symbols may not sound that special, but the way they are added in the Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare slot machine surely is.

Random Extra Wild Feature 1Once the reels stop spinning one of atleast two different random extra wild features can be awarded.

The first one i saw had a soldier run from the left side of the slot machine, break and "kneel" at the 2nd reel and then run out again at the right side of the slot machine.

What i didnt notice right away was that the soldier had placed a bomb on the 2nd reel that exploded after a few seconds with an amazing animation.

After the explotion a new wild symbol was revealed that activated several new payline combinations.

Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare - Random Extra Wild Feature 2The second random extra wild symbol feature is designed with a rolling handgrenade that rolls from the right side of the screen to the 3rd slot machine reel.

Here the grenade explode after a few seconds and reveal a new wild symbol.

It is important to note that the slot machine also offer "normal" wild symbols that appear during spins.

The random extra wild feature add additional wild symbols to the reels. The extra wild symbols are identical to the normal wild symbols.

Exploding random extra wild symbolThe substitute for all non scatter bonus symbols and can appear during normal and free spins.

The random extra wild features really spice up the non bonus game-play because even spins that appear to result in low or no payouts can convert into high paying spins.

Both extra wild features offer players some really amazing visual effects when they appear and explode as you can seen on the slot machine screenshot to the left.

While the normal (spind and win) part of the Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare slot machine has nice features and payout options, the game become even more interesting when the Call of Duty 4 feature is awarded.

Free Spin FeatureThe feature is awarded when three or more scatter bonus symbols appear anywhere on the game reels.

Once the feature is awarded, a unique shooter style bonus round is awarded where players must shoot enemies to win cash prizes, free spins and multipliers.

The cool pre-free spin feature has some incredible details and options that still impress me after several rounds.

Players must shoot enemies and may Miss, Hit or Headshot them (at random).

Free Spin Feature Completed Five hits in a row result in a bonus airstrike that add 4X multiplier to the bonus wins and result in additional bonus cash prizes from exploding vehicles.

Hedashots also result in additional prizes while Miss shots result in nothing.

The feature ends after a few rounds of shots, with a neat Mission Completed animation.

The feature ends witha summary screen that show how many free spins, what multiplier and the amount of bonus cash players won during the free spin feature.

Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare Paytable and Rules

Call of Duty PaytableCall of Duty Rules

It is a good idea to check out the slot machine paytable and rules page before you spin the game reels. The pages can be accessed by clicking on the "Paytable" button via the slot machine interface. The first page you see is the Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare paytable.

This page has information about the different slot machine symbols and the prizes that can be won with payline combinations.
The top single line payout is won with five wild symbols, a combination that pays 5,000 times the payline bet. It is worth noting that the Call of Duty 4 slot machine has random extra wild symbols that add to this combination!

The slot machine has a really nice scatter prize setup and payout 2X for two scatter symbols and 5, 20 and 200X for 3, 4 and five scatter symbols. Three or more scattered logo symbols also award or re-award the free spin bonus feature.

The Call of Duty 4 slot machine is designed with 100% themed payline symbols that skin the game really nice. Even the low-range payouts are won with unique symbols!

The second page you can access from this part of the slot machine is the "Rules" page. This page has information about the exploding symbols feature that add extra wild symbols to the slot machine, the bonus feature and also offer a small image that show how each of the 25 paylines have paths on the game reels.

Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare bonus feature

The amazing Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare bonus feature is awarded when three or more scattered logo symbols appear anywhere on the game reels.

Players win a scatter bonus prize in addition to the bonus feature award where free spins with multipliers and bonus cash can be won.

Triggering the Call of Duty 4 feature

Free Spin Bonus AwardBonus feature trigger

Once the Call of Duty 4 slot machine feature starts, players are shown one of several "battle scenes" and a help screen with information about the bonus feature. The help screen is a nice teaser for players that havent read the slot machine rules page.

Call of Duty 4 feature Startup Tips

Free Spin Bonus TipsBonus feature Help

The bonus feature will start when players click on the OK button on the startup tips page. Once the feature starts, players can enjoy a truly unique slot machine bonus feature that merge the best of slot machines with the action from shooter games!

When the introduction screen fades away the battle scene will be populated with enemies that hide different places on the bonus screen. The player controls the corshair with the mouse and must point on the enemies and click on the mouse to shoot them.

Call of Duty 4 Battle Scenes

Call of Duty 4 Battle ScenesCall of Duty 4 Shots

When you target and shoot at an enemy you have a chance that appear to be random to Miss, Hit and Headshot the enemy. The Hits and Heatshots result in free spins with extra cash for headshots. Each time you shoot an enemy you "Hit Streak" indicator in the upper left area of the bonus screen increase by 1. This value reset when you Miss an enemy and result in an Airstrike when it reach 5.

The Airstrike is a "super bonus" that add 3x, 4x or 5x multiplier to the free spins that players win during the bonus feature. If you complete the bonus feature without an airstrike, - by shooting enemies but missing without shooting five in a row, the free spin bonus is played with a 2X multiplier (all prizes doubled).

Call of Duty 4 Head Shot and Airstrike

Call of Duty 4 Air strikeCall of Duty 4 Head Shot

Once players have fired a few rounds the bonus feature end with a summary screen that show the amount of free spins won, the multiplier that is applied during the free spins and the extra bonus cash won during the feature.

Call of Duty 4 Bonus summary

Call of Duty 4 Bonus SummaryCall of Duty 4 Bonus Wins

The summary screen is show for about 10 seconds before it fade away and start the free spin bonus feature. The free spins are played with the multiplier shown on the summary screen and start with the amount of free spins shown here as well.

During the free spins, no additional multipliers can be won, - but additional free spins are won each time three or more scattered bonus symbols appear on the game reels.

The amount of free spins players win when this happens is the same as the amount won during the shooter feature.

This means that if players won 21 free spins during the shooter feature, 21 additional free spins will be added to the bonus each time players land three or more scattered bonus symbols during the free spin feature.

Call of Duty 4 Free Spin Re-Trigger

More Free SpinsDouble amount of free spins

The two screenshots above are taken during a Call of Duty 4 free spin bonus feature. The first image show the free spin re-trigger with three scattered logo symbols on the game reels. The free spin bonus feature show 8/9 free games at the bottom of the screen because i only had one free spin left out of the nine i won. This spin resulted in a re-trigger, the text "10 FREE GAMES REMAINING" mean that i won nine additional free spins.

The second slot machine screenshot show the feature end with 18 /18 free spins completed.

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