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Dennis Rodman Slot Machine

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman SlotmachineDennis Rodman is a USA friendly bonus slotmachine with an obvious theme based on the Basketball star that share name with the slot.

The Dennis Rodman slotmachine has a jackpot of 10,000.00 coins, an amount that can mean as much as 200,000.00 in cold cash depending on the players bet.

The Dennis Rodmans slot has two bonus features, a Basketball shooter feature where players select hoops for cash and a free spin feature with trippled prizes.

The Dennis Rodman slot has a setup with 11 unique slotmachine symbols including three special symbols used for bonus features and wild substitution features.

Dennis Rodman Paytable
Dennis Rodman

The first thing you should do when you play Dennis Rodman for the first time is to view the paytable.

The paytable will give you all information about the slotmachine payout amounts and bonus rules.

The paytable has a simple overview of the different slotmachine symbols with the three special symbols show on the first row, the highest paying symbols on the 2nd row and the most common and lowest paying symbols on the theird row.

When you have familiarized yourself with the basic rules and payouts it is time to spin the reels or setup the autoplay feature.

Dennis Rodman Basketball Bonus Feature
Slotmachine PaytableDennis Rodman Scatter Payout

The unique and absolutely most interesting feature that you will see with the Dennis Rodman slot is the Basketball shooter feature.

Dennis Rodman Scatter PayoutThe bonus is awarded when one or more paylines activate it by crossing thru two bonus basketball symbols.

The bonus basketball symbols can only appear on the 2nd and 4th slotmachine reels.

The Dennis Rodman basketball feature is similar to the one players may know from Wheel of Chance and Cupids Arrow in terms of prize calculations.

The amounts that can be won during the feature depend on the amount of active paylines that cross thru the two bonus symbols and the bets placed on these paylines.

Dennis Rodman Scatter PayoutThis means that the lowest bonus prizes can be won with a feature that is awarded with a single payline (as shown above) and the bonus feature with the highest prizes is triggered as with the maximum amount of paylines (as shown to the left).

Really lucky players may win the Dennis Rodman basketball feature during a free spin and will notice that prizes are three times the normal amounts.

This is because the free spin bonus tripple all wins during that feature!

Dennis Rodman Scatter Payout

When the Basketball feature is awarded players are presented with a special slotmachine bonus hoop shooting game.

Players will see six basketball hoops in front of the popular player that is ready to throw some ball.

Each of the shown hoops have a hidden cash prize that is won when it is selected.

Dennis Rodman Slotmachine
The feature is designed really nice with scrolling hoops, sounds, animations and lighting that make the bonus really entertaining.

A nice touch is that players can move their mouse over each of the hoops to see a glow effect during this part of the basketball hoop feature.

When you have found a lucky hoop, simply click on it to continue.

Dennis Rodman Scatter Payout

Unlike most other slotmachine features, the basketball feature with the Dennis Rodman slot is a really nice animation that make the entire game seam more realistic.

The basketball is thrown with a nice animation as the camera zooms in on the selected hoop.

Cross your fingers and hope to see a perfect shot such as the one in the screenshot to the right.

Slotmachine Paytable
Players are granted a total of three shots during the feature where prizes appear to be available in very different amounts.

The screenshot with bonus feature results shown here is from a perfect bonus feature trigger during a free spin.

This is my personal highscore with the Dennis Rodman basketball shooter feature.

What others say about the Dennis Rodman Slot Machine:
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Dennis Rodman SlotmachineI have played this slot machine many times and i have never ever missed a hoop in the shooter feature.

I think the prizes are guarantied but i may just have been lucky so far.

Kathryn N. - Dothan, Alabama USA

Dennis Rodman SlotmachineI am not in any way a fan but one day where i wanted to try something new at t VIPSlots i went for a few spins and something about the slot caught me anyway.

The game is quite fun but then again free spins with multipliers and an extra bonus is always alot of fun!

Leslie P. - Fairbanks, Alaska USA

Dennis Rodman SlotmachineThe Dennis Rodman slot machine is almost identical to Cupids Arrow, the story of the game is just an icon and a game instead of love and romance.

I like the Dennish Rodman bonus more because i have never lost in it thoug.

Kelsey S. - Hilo , Hawaii USA

Dennis Rodman SlotmachineI normally play slot machines alone, but my hubby noticed me spinning one day and asked if he could try a game.

He found this game in less than a minute from the Millionaires Club Casino lobby and have been playing it several times since.

Some evenings we sit down together with strong coffee and spin the slots together, it is more fun to be honest and we often debate what hoops to select and tease each other if the selections were really good or filled with bad luck.

Alexa N. - Lewiston, Idaho USA

Dennis Rodman SlotmachineI tried this game a few times when i want variety or if it somehow feels lucky to me.

The game has a nice speed and the features are really nice to play as well.

Claire L. - Aurora , Illinois USA

Dennis Rodman SlotmachineI wanted to try all the games in the 5 reel bonus category at VIPSlots and must admit that this is one of the 5 most fun games.

My favorite is Wheel of Chance but then again, i am a real sucker for wheel of fortune games...

Jada T. - Manhattan, Kansas USA

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