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Fearless Frederick Slot Machine

Fearless Frederick

Fearless Frederick SlotmachineThe Fearless Frederick bonus slotmachine that was released for the Microgaming platform during May 2009 is a really fun superhero themed slot with a unique bonus feature that can reward players with cash and free spins.

The slot machine has 30 paylines for players to wager on, and a single payline top jackpot prize of 7,000 times the players payline bet with five wild symbols on an active payline.

Fearless Frederick Wild Symbol
The Fearless Frederick superhero character is the slotmachine wild symbol, a symbol that make winning much easier and double your win as well.

The Fearless Frederick Wild Multiplying symbol can appear on all five reels and substitute for all normal symbols on the slotmachine reels.

Fearless Frederick Slotmachine Scatter Bonus Symbol
The unique Fearless Frederick slotmachine bonus feature is awarded when three or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the slotmachine reels.

Scatter symbols are unique bonus symbols that result in cash prizes when two or more appear anywhere on the game reels.

The Scatter symbol is the only symbol that the Wild symbol is unable to substitute for.

The Scatter Bonus prizes that are paid out when two or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the slotmachine reels are paid based on the total slotmachine bet.

This means that any spin with two Scatter symbols result in a payout equal to double the slotmachine wager and five scatter symbols result in a payout of 100 times the total slotmachine wager.

Fearless Frederick Bonus Feature
Fearless Frederick Bonus Feature

Fearless Frederick Bonus Feature AwardedThe Fearless Frederick Bonus feature is awarded when three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the slotmachine reels.

The position of the scatter symbols do not affect the bonus feature or the prizes it will award.

Fearless Frederick Bonus Feature Awarded When the bonus feature is awarded players are shown a bonus screen with the Superhero Fearless Frederick in front of three screens that represent heroic deeds that the hero can perform.

Fearless Frederick Bonus Feature AwardedYou must click on one of the bonus screens to continue with the bonus feature and see Fearless Frederick perform the selected task.

The Fearless Frederick bonus feature can result in cash prizes and free spins.
The bonus prize won is shown after a small animation with Fearless Frederick.
If Fearless Frederick fails to perform the selected task, a consolation prize equal to double the total slotmachine bet is paid.

Fearless Frederick Bonus Feature Prize Examples:
Fearless Frederick Cash WonFearless Frederick Free Spins Won

The Fearless Frederick bonus feature can result in bonus cash prizes and free spins.
If no free spins are won, the bonus feature ends after a few seconds.

If free spins are won, the free spins are played once the bonus screen has faded.
During free spins, players can win additional free spins if three or more scatter bonus symbols appear after a spin.

The amount of additional free spins won is equal to the amount won during the bonus feature.

This means that if you won 25 free spins during the bonus screen feature, 25 additional free spins will be added to the feature each time three or more scatter symbols appear.

Testing the Fearless Frederick Slotmachine

Casino Action Logo
I decided to launch the newest Casino Rewards casino, Casino Action for the testing of the Fearless Frederick slot machine.

I made a $100 deposit with my credit card via the casino "bank". The process was simple and with no strange suprises, - just as i have experienced it at the other Casino Rewards partner casinos.

I found the slotmachine from the "Games" menu and loaded the slot with five coits valued at $0.01 on each of the 30 slotmachine paylines.

Slotmachine Startup
Fearless Frederick Slotmachine Setup

This setup resulted in a total cost per spin of $1.50 and should be enough for me to see the slotmachine bonus feature atleast once.

Fearless Frederick Perfect Payline CombinationAfter just 3 minutes...
... The first perfect payline combination landed with five A symbols on a line.

The perfect payline combination included a wild substituting symbols that doubled the win.

I had several really nice spins with wild and scatter symbols, but my balance was dropping faster than i anticipated.

Fearless Frederick Bonus FeatureAnother 6 minutes passed...
...and three scatter bonus symbols appeared after a slot machine spin.

I won a Scatter Bonus prize worth five times my total slotmachine bet and was presented with a cool flash animation.

The Fearless Frederick feature had been awarded and it was time to see what the slot would reward me with;)

I decided to rescue the lady in the burning building and won a cash bonus prize 3,750 coins - 25 times my total slotmachine bet.

Fearless Frederick Bonus Feature Result
Fearless Frederick Cash WonFearless Frederick Free Spins Won

My casino balance was back up at $74.66 after the Fearless Frederick bonus feature, but i felt like hitting the slot a little more and went for a few more spins.

Fearless Frederick Perfect Payline Combination Double-UPI had another 8 spins before a double perfect payline combination spin landed.

Luck appeared to be shining on me, - the spin resulted in two payouts with five symbols on a payline.

Both combinations included a wild multiplying symbol and resulted in double-up prizes.

I continued with the Fearless Frederick spins for a few more spins when i hit two more spins with perfect payline combinations.

I decided to give the slot a break after the last high paying spin with one of the best paying combinations possible with this Fearless Frederick slotmachine.

Fearless Frederick Slotmachine Spin
Fearless Frederick Perfect Win
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