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Rainbow Riches Slot Machine

Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches Slotmachine
Rainbow Riches
is another exclusive slotmachine peal that European players can enjoy at the flash casino Sky Vegas.

With a Celtic theme filled with every imagineable symbol of Irish Luck, the Rainbow Riches slot can land some insane prizes, - I had some amazing spins as you will be able to see thruout my game review.

The Rainbow Riches slot is close to magical when it comes to the game design, the symbols and animations are unlike anything i have seen for this type of slot before with magical particle streams and rainbow explotions that appear when the game features are awarded.

The slot is designed with amazing symbols, even the common pokermachine symbols offer players small animations that add to the overall slotmachine experience.

» Rainbow Riches is available as a flash (no download) casino at Sky Vegas

If you are an experienced slotmachine player or happen to have read some of my most recent game reviewss you will have noticed that Stacked Symbols are becomming more and more popular with video slots.

Rainbow Riches Stacked SymbolsThis type of symbol appearance where entire reels or game areas can be covered by high paying or even wild symbols make the games much more interesting to play by providing players with a new type of massive payouts while blocking for other payouts in more common spins.

Some of the slotmachines that feature stacked symbols are:
Deck the Halls, Summer Holiday and Cashino

Players that read my review of the Cashino slotmachine or play it at Sky Vegas may note that the two games share the overall setup that make the slots so easy to play and understand.

Slotmachines with multiple bonus features normally fall into the category that i suggest new players avoid, but these games are designed in a way that make them extremely easy to play and enjoy.
» Rainbow Riches is available as a flash (no download) casino at Sky Vegas

Wheel of Fortune Feature
Rainbow Riches Wheel of Fortune Trigger
The Rainbow Riches Wheel of Fortune feature is represented by the Lepricon symbols on the slotmachine.

The feature start with a magical explotion of colored particles when three or more Lepricon symbols appear anywhere on the game reels.

Rainbow Riches Wheel of Fortune EffectThe wheel of fortune bonus is the most common feature with the Rainbow Riches slotmachine, it seams to appear about three times as often as the two other features (but then again, i could have been lucky).

When you see the Rainbow Riches wheel of fortune feature for the first time, dont worry if the magical fireworks fade a little quickly, afterall the really interesting part starts right after.

Rainbow Riches Standard Wheel of Fortune

When the margical sparks fade away, players will see a magical landscape with a bonus path and a wheel of fortune that can be started with a SPIN button.

The wheel of fortune has 8 fields, the numbers 1 thru 6 and two fields that end the bonus feature.

Players are allowed to spin the wheel of fortune untill the collect fields are won, these fields end the feature and award players with cash equal to the bonus path amount multiplied by the total slotmachine bet.

Rainbow Riches Wheel of Fortune Award
The Rainbow Riches wheel of fortune feature can be won with 3, 4 or 5 Lepricon symbols with prizes that scale with the amount of Lepricons.

I have "only" been able to win this feature with three and four Lepricons so far, but i will definately play this slot again and hope to see a perfect feature trigger sometime soon.

Rainbow Riches Wheel of Fortune Path
When the wheel of fortune feature is awarded with four Lepricon symbols, the feature jackpot doubles from 200 times the slotmachine bet to 400 times.

An increased jackpot is always nice, - especially if lady luck is on your side but the most important upgrade is the feature minimum prize that increase from 8X to 27X with help from the fourth Lepricon symbol.

Rainbow Riches Wheel of Fortune Payout
Each spin on the wheel with a number move players further up the bonus path, the feature completes when the collect field lands or the jackpot prize is reached.

The maximum multiplier i have won with the Rainbow Riches wheel of fortune feature is 60X, a feature is was lucky enough to enjoy the very first time i tried the slotmachine.

» Rainbow Riches is available as a flash (no download) casino at Sky Vegas

Rainbow Riches Wishing Well Feature
Rainbow Riches Standard Wishing Well
The second feature that players can win with the Rainbow Riches slotmachine is the Wishing Well feature.

Thebonus is awarded when three or more Well bonus symbols appear anywhere on the game reels and offer players a quick cash pick feature.

Rainbow Riches Wishing Well Prize
The triggering bonus symbols change to "PICK ME" symbols that can be clicked a few seconds after the slotmachine stops.

Players are allowed a single selection only, so be sure to pick the lucky wishing well for a quick cash boost.

The top prize i have seen with this feature is 10X with a standard trigger.

Rainbow Riches Nice Wishing Well Award
The Wishing Well feature can be triggered with 3, 4 and 5 symbols just as the Wheel of Fortune feature and offer greatly increased prizes for features that start with more bonus symbols.

I have was lucky enough to win this feature with four symbols 2 or 3 times during my first game session and have won prizes that are much larger than i saw with the 3 bonus triggers.

Rainbow Riches 100X Well win
The best Wishing Well feature i completed was a lucky 100X pick from my favorite symbol position, - the one furthest to the right.

The 2nd time i triggered this feature with 4 Well bonus symbols landed a 50X multiplier so i assume that the prizes with 4 symbols are 10 times more interesting than the 3 symbols features.

Rainbow Riches Pot of Gold
Rainbow Riches Pot of Gold Award
The Pot of Gold feature was the absolutely hardest feature for me to win, - it was the one that appeared the least while i was playing the slot.

Unlike the two other features, the Pot of Gold feature appear when a rainbow symbol appear on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel only, - and it can only be awarded with three symbols.

Rainbow Riches Pot of Gold Effect
The feature starts with another unique effect of sparkling magical particles the explode in bright colors from the slotmachine reels that quickly fade away and reveal a circle of pots with gold and different multipliers.

The Pot of Gold feature is completely passive, the game is played automatically so cross your fingers!

Rainbow Riches Pot of Gold Result
The Pot of Gold feature prizes are the highest prizes that can be won with bonus features with the Rainbow Riches slotmachine.

The prizes are shown as multipliers that must be multiplied with the total slotmachine bet to find the real cash prize.

» Rainbow Riches is available as a flash (no download) casino at Sky Vegas

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