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Street Fighter II Slot Machine

Street Fighter II

Street Fighter 2The Street Fighter II slot machine from InterCasino is one of the most popular online casino slot machines, - and with good reason.
The slot machine is not just popular because it has an amazing theme, - with Street Fighter graphics and sounds that make players feel like they are playing a fast paced action game. The Street Fighter II slots is also popular because of the unique features offered by what can be called nothing but a revolutionary game-play design in the online casino industry.

Street Fighter 2 SlotsMany online casino players are familiar with the Street Fighter action games that raged many years back, some may even remember the action movie with Jean Claude Van Damme from from 1994. For those of you that have no idea what Street Fighter is about, it is a raw fantasy action battle story the feature characters ( heroes and villains ) with amazing martial arts abilities.

Street Fighter 2 Slot MachineThe Street Fighter II slot machine designers have combined the fantasy martial arts world with a slot machine, - and the result is truly enjoyable.
Online Casino players will notice that they are about to experience a different type of slot machine the second they start it from the InterCasino slot machine menu.

Players are required to select a hero, - one of the popular Street Fighter characters, from a menu at the top of the slot machine before the game can be played.

This selection is extremely important to the slot machine story and features.
( Note: Players can change the Street Fighter II slot machine "hero" between spins )

Street Fighter 2 SlotmachineThe Street Fighter II slot machine offer wild symbols on the 2nd and 4th reels, the main Street Fighter II villain "Bison" can appear on the 4th reel where he acts as a wild symbol AND a bonus symbol.

All of the Street Fighter II heroes can appear on the 2nd slot machine reel where they act as Wild symbol and Bonus symbol IF they are the hero selected by the slot machine player only.

The Street Fighter II bonus feature is activated when the players selected hero and Bison appear after a slot machine spin.
Players that try the bonus feature the first few times should really kick back and enjoy the amazing show, - and the potentially huge prizes.

Street Fighter II Free Spin BonusBoth the 2nd and the 4th slot machine reels "explode" and open a battle-cage door where the characters ( the slot machine players selected hero and Bison ) step out from.

During the entire bonus feature, the slot machine is transformed to a mortal combat scene where the two characters battle each other.
The 2nd and 4th reel are completely wild during all bonus feature spins where several of the slot machine symbols have changed.
Some of the symbols on the 1st and 5th reel now show small battle icons that represent different moves that the combatants can perform.

Street Fighter IIEach time one of these special symbols appear during play, the character closest to the symbol performs the move matching the slot machine battle symbol.

Each of the combatants have a life-bar that show their health at all times during this unqiue free spin bonus feature.
The free spins continue untill one of the combatants have lost all life.

Each battle move results in a cash bonus prize that is paid in addition to all normal prizes from the free spins.

Play Street Fighter II at InterCasino

Street Fighter II Bonus Feature Example
Street Fighter 2 Free Spin Action Bonus The Street Fighter II free spin bonus feature is activated when the players selected character and Bison appear on their respective reels.
The slot machine changes and offer completely wild reels on the 2nd and 4th slot machine reels that are shown with the Street Fighter II characters during the bonus feature.

Street Fighter 2 Free Spin Action Bonus The free spin bonus feature starts after an amazing intro design.
At this point, both characters have a full life bar at the top of the slot machine.
This slot machine bonus feature shows Chun-Li Vs. Bison

Street Fighter 2 Free Spin Action Bonus Each of the free spins have a chance of triggering an attack by either side ( or both ) in addition to the normal free spin prize payouts.
The first free spin resulted in more than $300 in normal slot machine prizes because of the "shield and claw" symbol that is won as a 4 symbol combination 3 times with help from the wild reels.
This combination pays $100 with the current slot machine wager.

Street Fighter 2 Free Spin Action Bonus This Street Fighter 2 free spin bonus feature screenshot shows Chun-Li performing a "kick-attack".
The "9" symbol that can be seen in the middle of the first reel has a small attack symbol with a foot that activate this attack.

Street Fighter 2 Free Spin Action Bonus After each attack by the players hero, the slot machine player is awarded an bonus prize.
This Street Fighter II free spin resulted in a $7.50 battle bonus prize.

Street Fighter 2 Free Spin Action Bonus There is no upper limit to the amount of free spins that can be awarded during the Street Fighter 2 bonus feaure.
This Street Fighter 2 free spin bonus feature screenshot shows one of the attacks Bison can perform during the feature.
As you can see from the large image ( click on the thumbnail to enlarge ), Bison and Chun-Li have both suffered a great deal of damage during the bonus feature so far.

Street Fighter 2 Free Spin Action Bonus The Street Fighter 2 free spin bonus feature is as close as it can be to an end.
Both combatants have only a sleight amount of health left, after this attack that resulted in a $5.00 battle bonus prize.

Street Fighter 2 Free Spin Action Bonus The slot machine player was able to get the last attack and won a $2.50 bonus prize for the last attack.

Street Fighter 2 Free Spin Action Bonus With Bison down, the free spin bonus feature ends.
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