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Stunt Pilot Slot Machine

Stunt Pilot

Stunt PilotThe Stunt Pilot video slot machine is a really entertaining bonus slots with one of the most fun free spin bonus features that i have played at online casinos so far.

The slot machine offer players a single payline max prize of 6,000 times the triggering bet and no less than 6 payline prizes with payouts equal to or greater than 1,000 times the triggering bet.

The Stunt Pilot slot machine has 30 paylines and a free spin bonus feature with a really unique re-trigger feature. Players can enjoy a minimum of 9 free spins with a 2X bonus prize multiplier.

As the slot machine name implies, Stunt Pilot is a game themed with everything from cool Maveric like pilots, piloting gear and of course Stunt Air Planes.

The most entertaining part of the Stunt Pilot bonus slot machine is the small Stunt feature that casino players are rewarded with before free spins are played.

During this bonus feature, players must select between different Air-plane stunts that must be performed in order to win free spins.

Players may select three Stunts and win 3 free spins for each failed stunt and as much as 10 free spins for completed stunts.

The Stunt Pilot slot machine is quite easy to play, but the bonus feature options may seam a little confusing to new casino players.

The most important thing for new players to keep in mind when playing the Stunt Pilot slot machine is that everything that happens during the bonus feature is randomized and automated.

Tthis means that the players actions have no effect on the Stunts that are performed and that the feature should be enjoyed as a random free spin amount "movie" and nothing else.

Stunt Pilot Slot Machine Paytable and Rules

Stunt Pilot PaytableStunt Pilot Slot Machine Rules Large

The Stunt Pilot slots has a two page information section that is divided into a Paytable and a Rules page. If you are new to online casinos, slot machines or the Stunt Pilot slots then you should check out these pages before you spin the game reels.

These pages have information about all the possible prizes and bonuses you can encounter during the slot machine game sessions.

The Stunt Pilot Paytable is designed in the most common way, that make it easy for experienced players to spot the information they are looking for.

Wild Stunt Pilot SymbolThe Slot Machine wild symbol is located at the top left corner of the paytable. This special symbol substitute for all non scatter symbols on the game reels and make it easier for players to win on multiple paylines, -and to complete the very rewarding 5 symbol "perfect payline combinations".

The top Stunt Pilot slot machine prize is paid out when players have five wild symbols on an active paylines, - a total of 6,000 times the players prize is paid, a prize that increase to 12,000 during free spins.

Stunt Pilot slot machine scatter symbolThe Stunt Pilot Scatter Symbol is located in the top-right corner with the scatter payout table.

Scatter payouts are unlike any of the other payouts listed on the slot machine paytable because they show a total multiplier value instead of a payline multiplier value.

This means that the prizes listed are multiplied by the total slot machine bet and not the bet of a single payline.

The Stunt Pilot scatter paytable is really nice, it has a good 2X payout that is awarded each time players land two or more scatter symbols on the game reels and increase to 5X, 20X and 100X with 3, 4 and 5 scatter symbols that can appear anywhere on the game reels.

Classic Poker Hand Slot Machine SymbolsThe Stunt Pilot paytable has 10 "normal" slot machine symbols in addition to the two special symbols. The symbols are divided into three rows with the higest paying symbols listed at the top and the low-range payline symbols at the bottom of the paytable.

Experienced pokie gamblers may note that the Stunt Pilot slots offer players the classic poker hand symbols, #9, #10, J, Q, K and A.

The classic poker hand symbols are often the ones that result in most payouts for players, - they appear many times but with relatively low prizes.

Stunt Pilot Slot Machine Bonus Feature

Stunt Pilot Bonus AwardStunt Pilot Slot Machine Bonus

The Stunt Pilot slot machine bonues feature is awarded like the majorite of free spin features you will encounter at online casinos.

When three or more scatter bonus symbols appear on the game reels, a scatter prize is paid and the feature is awarded.

The Stunt Pilot free spin bonus feature stand out from the common variants of this popular bonus because of its amazing pre-spin feature.

Once the Stunt Pilot slot machine feature has been awarded with the scatter bonus spin, players are shown a really nice bonus screen with a 4-window split.

Players can see four small animations of Airplane stunts that can be performed during the feature.

Players must click on three of the four stunt screens to perform the stunt shown and win free spins.

Stunt Pilot Bonus AwardStunt Pilot Slot Machine Bonus

When a bonus stunt window has been selected (with a mouseclick) a larger version of the screen loads. Here players can enjoy a nice animation that (hopefully) show a perfect Stunt.

If the Stunt is performed, players are shown a free spin bonus win screen (shown above) with an amount of free spins that are added to the players comming free spin bonus.

Players may also select stunts that the Stunt Pilot is unable to perform (see further image further down). If a bonus stunt is failed, players are awarded 3 free spins for the single failed stunt and may continue the bonus feature selection.

Stunt Pilot Bonus AwardStunt Pilot Slot Machine Bonus

When the selected stun is completed, - or the Stunt Pilot crash, players return the the bonus selection screen where another stunt must be selected and played.

Stunt Pilot Bonus AwardStunt Pilot Slot Machine Bonus

The bonus stunt selection continue untill players have selected and played three out of the four possible airplane stuns.

Stunt Pilot Bonus AwardStunt Pilot Slot Machine Bonus

When the theird and last stunt has been played, players are shown a "congratulations" screen with a the total amount of free spins won during the feature.

The Congratulations screen is shown for about 30 seconds before it fades away and the free spins start.

Stunt Pilot Bonus AwardStunt Pilot Slot Machine Bonus

During the free spins, all prizes are paid out with a 2X multiplier (double of normal). The free spin bonus feature can be re-triggered but unlike most other free spin bonus feature the amount of additional free spins won isnt fixed.

If the Stunt Pilot bonus feature re-trigger during play then a new pre-spin feature is played once the first bonus feature is completed.

This means that players may end up winning more, - or less free spins for re-triggered bonus features (but never less than 9).

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