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Transformers Slot Machine


Transformers SlotmachineTransformers is a really nice bonus slotmachine, that much to my liking is based on the classic old-school transformers models that i remember from my childhood.

Transformers is a 5 reel 25 payline slot that provide players with a unique opportunity to battle as Autobots or Decepticons in a unqiue free spin feature that combine popular transformer characters with three different wild symbols and a jackpot of £250,000.00

Even though the Transformers slot is designed with the old classic Autobots and Decepticons, the slotmachine is quite new. The game was released during June 2009 and is available to players from all over Europe.

When you launch the slotmachine you need to make sure that your popup stopper is disabled, the flash game opens in a new window once you are logged in at the casino.

Transformers Main Scren
Transformers Main Screen

One of the first things i noticed with the Transformers slot was the Cybertron wild feature that trigger each time the Wild Symbol appear on the game reels where it is able to substitute for other payline symbols.

Before payouts, the Cybertron wild temporarely expand to cover three positions by showing three Cybertron planets. Players must click on one of the three Cybertron wilds to reveal a mystery multiplier that can reach 10X that is applied to the payouts where the Cybertron wild substitutes.

Select a Wild Multiplier Symbol
Slotmachine PaytableSlotmachine PaytableSlotmachine Paytable

The wild multiplying Cybertron symbol can only appear on the theird slotmachine reel, but the chance of winning up to ten times the normal payouts make this a key feature in the Transformers slot.

If you prefer slotmachines with wild symbols that can appear on more than one position, then be sure to read on.... The Transformers slot has more than one wild symbol, it has a total of three wild symbols and the remaining two are expandable!

Autobots and Decepticons Expandable Wild Symbols
Slotmachine PaytableSlotmachine PaytableSlotmachine PaytableSlotmachine Paytable
» You can also enjoy expandable wild symbols with slotmachines such as Sunset Showdown and Fighting Fish.

The two expandable wild symbols represented by Optimus Prime and Megatron can appear on the 2nd and 4th game reels (Autobots 2nd reel, Decepticons 4th reel). The wild symbol fit into a standard slotmachine symbol area but once the reels stop spinning, the symbols expand to cover the entire reel.

The expandable wild symbols make winning much easier and when combined with the multiplying Cybertron wild the potential wins are incredible.

Players can land spins with two completely wild reels with a 10X multiplying wild symbol as well.

Transformers Insane Expandable and Substituting Wild Symbol Spins
Slotmachine PaytableSlotmachine Paytable

When i reached this point with the Transformers slotmachine the first time i played it, i was thrilled, excited and more than doubled my original casino deposit.

I was so amazed by this game that i decided to give it a few more spins before i called it a day, and WOW am i glad i did.

Even though i had enjoyed several expanding and multiplying spins with really nice payouts, the Transformers slotmachine had a free spin bonus feature that i completely missed on the game screen.

(i didnt miss the feature or any wins, i simply didnt notice that the slotmachine had such a feature because of all the action).

Transformers Free Spin Bonus
Transformers Main Screen

The Transformers slotmachine has a battle bonus free spin feature that is awarded when the Optimus Prime logo symbol appear on the first reel and the Megatron symbol appear on the 5th reel.

Transformers Slotmachine
When the feature starts, players must select one of the two Transformers to represent them during the feature where bonus cash prizes can be won from battles in addition to the free spin wins.

When a character has been selected, the free spin feature starts with a new game screen where the slotmachine symbols have changed and a battle area has been added below the game reels.

The free spin feature is very different than the classic versions. Players win up to 100 free spins by default, but this does not mean that the feature will continue this long at all.

Transformers Slotmachine
The free spin feature is played with a battle twist that can end the feature and result in extra cash prizes at any time.

A special FIGHT symbol can appear on the 5th reel and start a fight each time this happens.
The two Transformers will the perform different moves ending with the defeat of one character.

If the winning character is the one selected by the player, a 50 coin prize (based on a 25 payline wager) is awarded.

Transformers Slotmachine

The defeated Transformer loose one of its lifepoints.
The feature end as soon as one of the Transformers loose all lifepoints.

If the overall winner is the character selected by the player, a really nice extra cash bonus is added to the free spin feature win.

Transformers Slotmachine

During the feature, players can keep track of their wins and the amount of free games played in square fields that are displayed on the bonus screen.

The amount of completed spins is shown on the right side of the slotmachine screen and the total bonus win is summarized at the bottom on the screen at all times.

Transformers Slotmachine
The feature is packed with amazing graphics such as lightning and energy sparks on the game reels when wild symbols expand and the animated Transformers battles at the bottom of the screen.

One of the tings i noticed with this bonus feature is that i completely forgot to keep track of my wins because of the action on the reels and during the battles.

Transformers Slotmachine
The first time i realized this was when i hit a really nice spin with good payouts and decided it was worth a screenshot!

The free spin rounds offer players the same chances to land the two expandable wild symbols and the Cybertron Multiplier wild as the base game.

This means that the feature can result in some really scary prizes.

With no fixed amount of spins and the chance to grab 10X multipliers with 7 wild symbols is just crazy!

What others say about the Transformers Slot Machine:
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Transformers SlotmachineIf you are a fan of Transformers then no doubt you will be a fan of this game alongside many of the other slot games available at Sky Vegas.

The Transformers slot game brings a whole new meaning to the online casino world, bringing the movies to the casino!

If you are thinking that this game is going to be like the many other casino games you have probably come across, then you would be wrong as this is something very special.

Mike B. - United Kingdom

Transformers SlotmachineTransformers is a 25 pay line slot game with five reels to give you that extra edge to win.

It has a staggering maximum payout of £250,000 and other great cash prizes along the way.

You can be in with a chance of winning a cash prize by spinning the reel and getting onto those bonus rounds by finding some of those great character symbols. The two bonus rounds are Base Game Features and Ultimate Payback Bonus.

To access the Base Game Feature, you must spin so that the Autobot and Decepticon Wild symbols appear on the second and fourth reels.

As like the film, the symbols have special powers and can change your game altogether!

Henna F. - Sweden

Transformers SlotmachineFor the Ultimate Payback Bonus, it’s the first and fifth reels that are the lucky ones or the ones waiting for the symbols!

Again, the specific symbols will alter your game and potentially get you some free spins!

Playing Transformers at the Sky Vegas online casino will excite and hopefully reward you too.

It will also make you want to try out some of the other slot games available both new and old!

Roland P. - Germany
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